We manufacture state-of-the-art fertilizers at FORGASA and are committed to rational, sustainable, regenerative agriculture.

We provide solutions for the future, taking advantage of natural resources, such as leonardite, while reusing substances of high agronomic value.

Using our own leonardite mines as raw material and innovation as our hallmark, our new plant makes use of the native resources in Ariño, Teruel.

FORGASA reinforces the Nutrition and Plant Protection division of the SAMCA Group, with more than 40 years on the market.

"Our objective is to promote the circular economy in Cuencas Mineras and contribute to sustainable population maintenance, while solving the main problems of rural areas." 


The most innovative in Europe.

An industrial complex where we transform our own raw materials and an R+D centre committed to solutions for the agriculture of the future.


FORGASA puts the most technological factory in Europe at the service of farmers and distributors with a totally versatile logistics approach.

Our highly qualified and trained team of engineers, technicians and management specialists are passionate about agriculture.


To lead evolution in the sector as fertiliser manufacturers, due to our constant investment in research and new technologies, and provide sustainable and innovative products and solutions to make us the best ally for the farmer and distributor.



A Spanish industrial and mining group with more than 100 years of experience.

Samca Group concentrates its efforts on research and development of industrial minerals, plastic polymers, synthetic fibres, ceramics, the agrifood sector and nanotechnology.

Leadership in innovation at the SAMCA Group leads to the development of new technological solutions, giving rise to a new concept of fertilisation using our own raw materials.

In 2016, the Samca Group made the decision to stay in La Val de Ariño and maintain its commitment to sustainable population maintenance.

Thus, FORGASA® was founded.


The SAMCA Group has a Nutrition and Plant Protection division with more than 40 years of experience.

Daymsa, JISA and Agrovital are manufacturers and marketers of biostimulants and bionutrients for soil and plants.


The SAMCA Group has an agrifood division that includes
FRUTARIA, which is dedicated to the production and marketing of 120,000 tons of fresh stone, pome and citrus fruit and grapes. It has 9,500 hectares in operation and 350 different varieties.


The Foundation channels significant financial resources to support university research, charitable work and international cooperation projects.

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